DoE considers the law, backs off of NCS expansion — for now

I am employed by the State of Delaware in the Red Clay Consolidated School District. I have no fear of repercussions because of my frequent speaking out regarding educational issues affecting Delaware today. People who know me realize I tend to get passionate about many topics, but always wish for my debate to be respectful and conducive to a positive environment. That being said, I will very pointedly point out errors, inconsistencies, illogicality, or outright lies when I see them committed by either a local school district or the bigger Department of Education as a whole.

And today’s news that the vote on Newark Charter School’s expansion into high school has been put on hold is good news. Up until yesterday, many thought the expansion was a sure thing. Even though the arguments questioning the expansion were quite voluminous, it seemed the State Board of Education would simply ignore those concerns and issue their expansion approval post haste. Well, not so fast. It seems the ACLU’s letter yesterday detailing the school’s non-compliance with federal law as it relates to the free- and reduced-lunch program may have caused some folks at DoE and on the State Board of Education a moment of pause.

What disturbs me most about all this, though, is the seemingly insane cult of personality around the school’s leader, Mr. Greg Meece. He seems to hold some bizarre sway over the parents of that school. Check out this Delaware Liberal post courtesy of Pandora.

Meece says he got the heads up from [DoE Sec. Lillian] Lowery early this morning and he then passed this info onto NCS parents.  Which means if you were a recipient of an email from Mr. Meece, then you knew the outcome of the public meeting before, ya know, the public.  I feel bad for those people who took time out of their day to attend a meeting whose outcome was already announced to a chosen few.  Hell, why even bother with public meetings!

Not to mention Meece has shared with parents complete fabrications about DSEA robocalls to its members asking them to stack last week’s public hearing on expansion. No such robocalls ever were sent out. Ever. Just more anti-union flame-stoking courtesy of Mr. Meece. Meece likes to share lots with his parents, it seems. A little too much. And a little too little of the truth.

It may have taken a decade, but I suppose later is better than never to finally begin the process of evening out just what is happening at Newark Charter School.


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