My two new business items passed!

1) My first business item was to request an internal DSEA review of the 2007 Class Size and Unit Allocation Task Force Report that seemingly has had no follow-up. This report made recommendations to collect data and look at ways to lowering elementary class sizes. I don’t see where any real follow-through was done on this report. The Representative Assembly today voted all yeas except for one abstaining vote on this item.

2) I proposed a new business item requesting an impact study, directed by the General Assembly, on the Neighborhood Schools Act. In particular, I’m asking the Assembly to review subsection 220 of the Act that guarantees “fair and equitable” planning for all schools in Northern New Castle County. Many community stakeholders believe there are inherent inequalities in certain schools that are in clear violation of the Neighborhood Schools Act. The General Assembly should initiate an impact study ASAP to see if some of our schools are being unncessarily harmed.  This new business item passed unanimously!

I am ecstatic right now. It was not a totally stress-free operation. I learned some great lessons in Robert’s Rules and making amendments and dealing with questions from the floor. Made some new friends in the process and I’m glad to have been part of it! Hopefully my new business items won’t be for naught. I will be following up.

This is me after today’s activities!!


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3 comments on “Awesome!

  1. pandora says:

    Great work, Mr. Matthews! Congratulations!

  2. Shirley says:

    Awesome ! Yes, follow-up is key. I can attest to the fact that grandiose plans and studies can be initiated with great feel-good fanfare, only to fall into the quagmire of bureacracy. Keep on ’em !

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