Victoria Kent for 1st Representative District

Note: This is post two in my series of eight endorsements I’m making for the primary on September 11.

There’s still an air of mystery that surrounds Victoria Kent to me. An intensely thoughtful and forever-thinking woman, I first met Victoria more than three years ago at a House Gaming and Parimutuels Committee meeting in Newark. Victoria came up to me and another citizen activist and immediately engaged in conversation. Her intensity and knowledge on any host of topics can be intimidating.

But that intimidation is immediately rendered null when one gets to know Victoria. Her compassion far outweighs any of the analytics she can often be heard sharing at the various community organizations, civic associations, and governmental committees she’s working on.

A native of the Ukranian offshoot Crimea, Kent is not a lifelong Delawarean resident, as many career politicians wear with such pride. Kent moved to her district several years ago and immediately immersed herself in the goings-on of her community. As a former public school teacher and current college adjunct instructor, Victoria knows the strengths and weaknesses in our education system.

She has offered robust and tangible ideas to help combat the achievement gap that plagues many of our schools. Working hand-in-hand with the staff at one Wilmington elementary school, Victoria is helping craft a viable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program to a population of students that is often left behind in these endeavors. She is thoughtfully offering local community organizations ways that parental involvement — a key linchpin in a child’s success — can be increased among a population that so desperately needs it.

Aside from education, Victoria is an active participant in economic matters. Victoria believes one of Delaware’s strengths is attracting large corporations and multi-national entities, but is lacking in the area of small business. If elected, Victoria will work on ways to lessen some of the barriers potential small business owners face to see their dreams turn into reality.

Aside from the important topics of education and economics, Victoria is committed to seeing marriage equality come to Delaware sooner rather than later. As well, she believes fully in transparency and accountability of our legislature and wants to see a general assembly more opened and held up to scrutiny.

There needs to be someone in the legislature who will have the ability to respectfully rile up so much of the go-along-to-get-along backslapping and hand-shaking that is obscenely pervasive in those hallways. Victoria Kent is that candidate.

Victoria Kent for 1st State Representative.

For more information, please visit Victoria’s website here.


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