Eric Anderson for 3rd Senate District

This is number five in a series of eight endorsements I’ll be making before Tuesday.

The State Senate has a real opportunity this year to send some too-well-seasoned incumbents out and elect some truly progressive, young, and dynamic voices. I endorsed Bryan Townsend for 11th Senate last week and today it’s Eric Anderson. I met Eric only shortly after he announced his run for veteran Sen. Bobby Marshall’s (D-Forever) seat last December. I wanted to meet Eric ASAP because I’d actually considered a run for that seat this year. On my former blog, I did a video post calling out Sen. Bobby Marshall for never returning my phone calls back in 2008. Too young to run for the Senate at the time, I threatened a 2012 run against him, but it never materialized. One, because I’m simply too busy and two, because I found Anderson to be a candidate whose views on a host of issues are pretty well in line with mine.

As you can tell from some of my previous endorsements, I’m placing a premium on candidates who have something to say about our public education system. I’m supporting candidates who’ve made it clear they don’t like the way things are going now. The over-corporatization and bureaucratization of our public schools is stifling teacher freedom and creativity and, by extension, student engagement and success. Every candidate I’m endorsing for the state legislature has said he or she believes there needs to be a shake-up in the way we approach education politics in this state. And many of the candidates I’ve endorsed (or will be endorsing) have perspectives as ACTUAL classroom teachers or related experiences that make them uniquely qualified to address this issue in Legislative Hall.

Eric Anderson is a math teacher at the Charter School of Wilmington. He’s also the former school board president of the Christina School District. Though he doesn’t work for a “full-fledged traditional” public school, Eric has witnessed first-hand the wrecking ball that is the state of education politics in Delaware. He realizes that a greater role has to be assigned to teachers, parents, and those directly related to in-class instruction when it comes to designing policy that will be implemented BY those teachers, parents, and those directly related to in-class instruction.

Aside from education being his biggest issue, Anderson has shown an interest in initiatives that will bring about greener transportation to Delaware in general and Wilmington in particular. An advocate of equal rights for all as well as full transparency and accountability in government, Anderson will be a great voice for residents of the 3rd who are being drastically under-served by 34-year incumbent Bobby Marshall. There comes a point in a person’s career where he should just step down. That time came about a decade ago for Sen. Marshall. It’s now imperative that the voters do to Marshall what he should have done to himself then.

I fully support Eric Anderson in the Democratic Primary for 3rd District State Senator on Tuesday, September 11.


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