Kim Williams for 19th District State Representative

This is my eighth endorsement of the 2012 Primary Election season.

With one more endorsement to go, I figured I’d better make it one very near and dear to me. As a lifelong resident of the Red Clay School District, my endorsement of Kim Williams for 19th District State Representative was an easy choice. Without even getting into what Kim will offer the General Assembly, I can simply say she’s one of the most genuine, honest, hard-working, caring, and thoughtful individuals in my professional career. Disclaimer: I am an employee of the Red Clay School District. Kim Williams is a member of the Red Clay School Board, the official body that employs me. This endorsement, however, is all me. And I can’t be happier to make it.

I didn’t know Kim five years ago. In fact, I bet most people wouldn’t know Kim Williams had the Red Clay School District not been in such dire financial straits that Kim and fellow parent activist Anne O’Malia felt compelled to start a blog called Fix Red Clay that ultimately did just that. This blog soon got picked up by the rest of the burgeoning Delaware blogosphere and was recognized for what it was at the time: a daring and honest look into the workings of a school district that had gone astray due to administrative hubris and absolute financial malfeasance. Some of the topics addressed in the blog weren’t easy and most of the commenting participants hid behind goofy pseudonyms even if some of them offered invaluable information.

The time came in 2009 where we still needed to make some changes to the make-up of the Red Clay School Board. I got behind Kim Williams, who ran as a parent and activist looking to get Red Clay back on track. Unlike many of the previous board members who brought their own mysterious business philosophies to the Board, Williams’s interests and biases were simple and clear: She’s a parent. Of two District students. A committed PTA mom who just wanted to see the school district she grew up in clean itself up so her kids can benefit from the same education she did.

In the three years since Kim was elected to the Board, she’s brought recognizable change. In perhaps her biggest move as Board member, she moved to have Cab Calloway  — a District magnet school — admit more students from within Red Clay boundaries. This caused a bit of controversy, but it was the right thing to do. There are times when Kim chooses a path that — perhaps — may not be the politically correct way to go.

And now we’re left with an open House seat being vacated by Speaker of the House Bob Gilligan, the longest serving politician in the state. Kim let me know shortly after Gilligan’s retirement that she’d be running. I told her I support her even though it means we may lose her voice on the Board. Because what we lose in Red Clay, the General Assembly and the residents of the 19th will gain in Dover.

I support Kim Williams for 19th District State Representative. Like so many of my other endorsements this year, Kim will be an active voice FOR public education and we need many more of those folks in Dover.


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