Sometimes I think teachers should have their own administrative assistant…

As required by DPAS-II’s ridiculously complex Component V portion of a teacher’s evaluation, look what teachers need to go through ON TOP of our regular workloads.


Gov. Markell on Vision 2015 Conference

This is from a post on Gov. Markell’s Facebook page. It’s a little choppy, as I took the pics with my iPhone. Hopefully you can piece it together.




More from another Delaware teacher

Another teacher with very obvious frustrations. Sadly, there are more stories just like this.

Transparent Christina

From Kent County, this just in:

Our Data PLC was as follows:
the department meets in a computer lab. We are all instructed to sign into DSC – and we did so with only the normal glitches and delays. Then we were subjected to about 15 minutes of droning before the coach realized that we could only accomplish today’s goal if signed in under his name.
So –

  *   everyone sign out.
  *    change seats so you are sitting by grade level.
  *   one in each grade level now logs in again – under the coach’s sign in and password.
  *   entire grade level stands around the single computer.
  *   our Tier II intervention classes are brought up. (each grade level teacher has an intervention class)
  *   Student by student we are to open their page, review their…

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After hearing from many educators and administrators, it’s clear to me that the most controversial part of a teacher’s evaluation (use of student test scores in measuring a teacher’s effectiveness, aka “Component Five”) must be postponed at least one year due to a Department of Education that seems to care little for sticking to promised timelines and ensuring a valid, reliable, and fair system that will accommodate the varying needs of students and educators across the state. I will not go into details here, but conversations I’ve had with teachers, administrators, union officials, and legislators lead me to believe that the Department of Education would rather rush a policy to show they’ve got it done as opposed to doing it right. The DoE needs to be reined in. Stat.