After hearing from many educators and administrators, it’s clear to me that the most controversial part of a teacher’s evaluation (use of student test scores in measuring a teacher’s effectiveness, aka “Component Five”) must be postponed at least one year due to a Department of Education that seems to care little for sticking to promised timelines and ensuring a valid, reliable, and fair system that will accommodate the varying needs of students and educators across the state. I will not go into details here, but conversations I’ve had with teachers, administrators, union officials, and legislators lead me to believe that the Department of Education would rather rush a policy to show they’ve got it done as opposed to doing it right. The DoE needs to be reined in. Stat.

One comment on “Frustration

  1. John Young says:

    Reblogged this on Transparent Christina and commented:
    Mike, you are right. DOE and Governor Markell are under intense, self-imposed pressure to deliver an evidence-less based system to show Arne Duncan that they’re serious about RTTT.
    Victimizing educators in such a callous manner: a complete joke.

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