On Data Coaches


5 comments on “On Data Coaches

  1. fsjenner says:

    Let me finish that thought. OMG. That is what I thought that they were doing. What the heck are they doing? I expected that if I were still in a school then by the middle of last year, I would have been practiced in accessing, analyzing, disaggregating, and manipulating data so that I could readily ascertain its meaning and significance to my instructional goals and program. That would have then allowed me to use the remaining PLC time to work on developing and adjusting instruction to better meet the needs of individuals, small groups, and/or the entire class or even all five science classes. The coach would have been useful at that point to help affirm, revise, or reject my inferences. By this time, my colleagues and I should be self-starters: ready, willing, and able to put the best data to best use. Our PLC’s should, by this time, be fully operational as teacher led, teacher directed, and teacher assessed.

    If this is not true, then, what the heck?

  2. John Young says:


    Except that we’re all wrong, PLCs are wonderful and the governor is listening to us all.

    Except that’s bullshit too.

  3. John Young says:

    Reblogged this on Transparent Christina.

  4. Mike says:

    That is exactly what is going on! Our PLC is a waste of valuable time with Dataless Coaches. Where is the aggregated data from the 8 million dollar computer in Dover the contains all the needs assessment from the DCAS? Oh, that data? WHat data? The “Coach” has no data. It is a shame the state did not stick with the MAP of NWEA testing that was a diagnostic toll we teachers could use without the help of overpaid and underserving Dataless Coaches.
    This is the third go around for me at reinventing the wheel called Reform. 1. New Direction 2000, 2. No Child Left Behind, 3. Race to the Top, Then add DSTP, DCAS, DPAS, PLC, AYP to the alphabet soup with some STEM and that will fix all student social ills, Apathy and their socioeconomic status. If that does not work, blame the teacher again and start on wheel number 4.

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