“While this could be attributed to several factors…”

Read the whole logic-proof, absurd letter from the Delaware Department of Education here. Anyone who thinks this agency is working in 100% good faith is deluding themselves.

This organization either suffers from amnesia or several delusional schizophrenia considering in years’ past across districts they’ve worked their hardest to specifically increase attrition at high-needs schools by either contracting with the saviors from Teach for America or invading key high-needs schools with the authoritarian “Partnership Zone” ideology.

Read it here. And do something.

DEDOE Teacher Leader Unit puts out a CSD hit job. #readthefineprint

This is a fascinating study in tone deafness. On one hand, the Delaware Department of Education is bitching about low teacher retention at Delaware’s HIGHEST-NEEDS schools. On the other hand, the Department is supporting programs like Teach for America in our high-needs schools, which SPECIFICALLY sees a high level of employee turnover because their contract is only for two years. Not to mention the Department which sees to it that many faculty are REASSIGNED from high-needs schools as part of their perverted “Partnership Zone” plans. Sorry, DoE. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t BITCH about poor employee retention at high-needs schools and then institute policies that specifically bring about POOR RETENTION AT HIGH-NEEDS SCHOOLS.

DCAS is rotten to the (Common) Core

I just stood over a student’s shoulder, being the active test moderator that one must be. Naturally, I couldn’t help but read the question the student was on. Fifth grade math. I looked at it once. I looked at it again. I couldn’t figure it out. Was this a reading test or a math test? Buried somewhere in the reams of blathering text was a math problem. I eventually found it but thought it so complex for a fifth grader.

I called over another adult in the room. That adult who specializes in math thought the question was just as inappropriate. Sharing the question details would be a violation of the rules, so you won’t be seeing the question here. All I will say is this test is bad. Very bad. And our students and teachers are being judged on it.

Time for a real conversation dissecting this test. Open up the books, DoE. Let the sun shine in. Gov. Markell, what say you?