More to come…

Let me say that I understand the politics of incrementalism. One bill cannot address every need or want. The act of legislating is constantly fluid. Constantly in motion. However, it’s not incrementalism when one side is fed scraps of inertia (nay, regression) and the other side is offered a buffet.


2 comments on “More to come…

  1. kavips says:

    Wow. Just looked at the date on this post. All summer we didn’t hear a peep from you here. Hope you relaxed.

    But here is a wish liist of what I would like to hear from you; however I’m familiar enough with teaching so I’m serious when I say: don’t kill yourself trying to keep up here if you don’t have the time. But I just wanted to put out there what I would find to be very helpful to have in our arsenal for next legislative session.. I would like to hear examples of Common Core, sample test questions, instructions, questions from children in regards to what they are being taught, all from a teacher’s perspective. Don’t care if it is good or bad, but through you, we have an insight into what is actually impacting our kids. There is a huge demand for that knowledge.

    So if one finds a homework assignment that is too garbled for adults to understand, It would be nice to publish it.

    Because by corporate, we are being pestered with platitudes and Common Core Standards (see Sweeney’s op-ed piece in the News Journal) when we bring up the real issues. To counter those, we need examples that prove to all that we know what we are talking about; that corporate entities simply don’t have the empathy to teach like a teacher, our how our teachers used to teach us.

    Also, anonymous teachers could bring their examples here too, in the comment sections, which would widen our data base of Common Core problems . Again, if there is good, we want to hear it too…

    Just an idea. Enjoy the weekend…

  2. Joanne Christian says:

    Dear Mike–Just wanted to say Red Clay is so fortunate to have you. Great seeing you last night “all the way over the bridge”.

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