4 comments on “Dept. of Ed. FAQ on Priority Schools

  1. Steven Fackenthall says:

    I love how it says districts haven’t pursued funding to help these schools…like the districts have pots of money to give out.

  2. Steven Fackenthall says:

    I’m so glad we voted not to support this.

  3. kavips says:

    I could probably get behind this if it were $6 billion, but $6 million? When Christina’s yearly budget is $235.8 million and Red Clay’s is $175 million, an extra $250,000 a year doesn’t seem to cut it.

    In return for that $250,000 which will be mostly siphoned off for leadership, all employees will now have to be rehired? Usually when one begins anew and rehires all employees, it is because one sets out a new contract for them that is much worse than the previous one, and states, “if you want to work here (because you have no money to pay your bills) you have to sign this contract and abide by these rules”….(Under duress, most sign). All obligations promised under any previous contract, can now be ignored….

    I would expect that to be the real rationale behind this.

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