In Defense of Friends

For those who know me now versus the person I was three or four years ago, I’d like to think you’ve noticed a progression of sorts. The Mike Matthews of 2004-2008 was one that rarely bit his tongue. Rarely held back how he really felt. Rarely considered the consequences for the often outlandish (though steeped in truth they may be) comments that I would perhaps choose to reword if I were saying the same thing today.

I am a man today whose ideology hasn’t changed much from then, but my presentation and tone have changed greatly as I try to appeal to various audiences and enact the most positive change possible. I teach. I work with students of wildly varying ability levels. They require heaping amounts of care and encouragement. Positive reinforcement and gentle redirections. Sometimes adults need that gentle redirection.

Enter Evan Quietsch. It pains me to do this, but I feel I must link to an absolutely disgusting and hateful post on a blog that I didn’t know existed until earlier this evening. On top of attacks against me and the work I do with my students, two of my good friends have been fallaciously attacked in a manner that can only be described as wicked and cowardly. And while I generally feel responding to such attacks would give this Evan character more power and attention than he deserves, I do feel it’s absolutely necessary to rebut such outright ridiculous and patently absurd charges and attacks when they’re made public.

Let me first say this to Evan: I’ve tolerated you for long enough. You have infected the (generally) civil Delaware blogosphere with your now-transparent and bilious garbage for far too long. You are an odious individual for whom there is enough of a history of individuals who can attest to your outright thuggishness. Both verbally and on video. This is a man who latched on to the lunacy that was the Christine O’Donnell campaign and acted in absolutely contemptible ways to shield his candidate from being asked difficult questions. See the video here.

This is a man who attacks me as “corrupting 5th graders” without ever setting foot in my classroom. Without ever meeting the students I teach. Without ever meeting the staff with whom I teach. Without ever engaging me in a conversation on education. Ever.

This is a man who attacks my good friend Kenny Rivera as being an unfaithful Christian because he dares to ALLEGEDLY question the seeming incongruity of a balls-to-the-wall capitalist system stacked up against the major tenets of Christianity. A man whose hatred for Kenny Rivera is so extreme that he can’t offer more paragraph breaks in his hateful, tortured screed to make the piece of garbage easier to read.

This is a man who has attacked another good friend of mine, Frederika Jenner. I have no reason to defend Jenner here. She can do that herself, though I wouldn’t be surprised if she ultimately doesn’t give a good goddamn about the ridiculousness that has spewed indiscriminately from your microcephalic brain, Evan, to the tips of your fingers and onto the keyboard. In the nearly five years I’ve known Jenner, I’ve come to respect this woman for the lion she is. Get you two in a room together and you will hear her roar, though I must say you wouldn’t be worthy of her presence. I believe you and I have spoken once or twice at public events, Evan. Trust me when I say this: You are no match for Frederika Jenner.

Let me go one step further here, Evan. You have posted this absolutely vicious and hateful piece of garbage having announced yourself as a candidate for public office. You are running as a Republican for the 11th Senate District seat, which is currently held by Senate President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca. What do you hope to gain by engaging in such outlandish histrionics against three individuals with whom you’ve ostensibly had very little contact? Your base understanding of our political proclivities leads me to believe that your worldview isn’t one in which much dissent is allowed. How will you govern 35,000+ constituents in your district, many of whom perhaps fall into some of the same categories you’ve identified to help launch your attacks against us?

Wait. Don’t answer that. You know why? There isn’t a chance in hell you’ll ever get to the point where you’ll be placing your hand on your precious Bible and taking that oath of office in the Legislative Hall. Ever. You really aren’t worth the time and sleep I’ve lost over this. However, there is a real permanency to this whole Internet beast. As long as your filth has been published then I feel I owe it to the individuals you’ve slandered (myself included) to offer a rational and reasonable response.

It’s late now. I must sleep. I will be waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go for a quick run and then make it into school so I can being the good work of “corrupting” the minds of my third through fifth graders.

Thanks to Steve Newton for the words of support. If Evan ever wants to take some tips on how to engage with someone he disagrees, perhaps he should read Steve’s blog for some excellent pointers.